About Aces Group

Aces Group has evolved with time from scaffolding manufacturing to modular scaffolding solutions such as Kwik Stage, Heavy Duty Prop, Steel Tube scaffolding. Modular Scaffolding is a system scaffolding comprising prefabricated individual Components which is the latest and advanced scaffolding system that be quickly assembled and provides durable strength with less risk associated. We have established ourselves as the leading Modular scaffolding solutions across the world. Our skilled workforce possesses the skills and ability to deliver the products and services on time.

We are capable of delivering safe, efficient solutions for any projects, including maintenance projects, unscheduled works, and emergency shutdowns services across the globe. Aces Group has established itself as formwork and Scaffolding supplier to all the major construction companies of Mauritius.

Our closely integrated management structure and our dynamic approach to the business set Aces Group apart from all others. Our project managers, resource schedulers, and expert crew members have a strong reputation and proven track record in the industry for offering the best services. Our dedicated workforce has more than 20+ experts; competent scaffolding suppliers; scaffolding repair services and scaffolding reconditioning experts.

We truly are leading the way in actively seeking to eliminate risk. Our innovative approach towards risk elimination has lead us to successfully design, and weed out risk from industrial processes and working methods. All the work is focused on Striving to Eliminate Every Risk. We are an accredited and certified Scaffolding Manufacturing Company and Scaffolding Restoration & Reconditioning center, functioning in line with legal guidelines as set out by the HSE and in accordance with British safety standards.