Scaffolding Products


Aces Groups’ Heavy Duty Propping is the solution for higher loads. The low weight and easy handling of the prop facilitate fast assembly without requiring tools.


Cuplock ledger scaffolding system comprises of galvanized steel tubing and works on a unique locking mechanism which makes it the safest and economical system.


Economy form system find a great deal of use in construction and civil engineering. Economy forms come in different shapes and sizes depending on the requirement.


Kwik stage is a modular scaffolding system which is robust and versatile. Kwik stage is used to provide safe access scaffolding extending over 100m in height.


High tensile strength scaffolding pipes are used for pipes & coupler scaffolding. The pipes are galvanized to provide strength and durability.


Base Plate (With Pin) is used to secure H frames on uneven ground providing more stability. We manufacture base plates which have high strength and durability.


Aces Group offer a wide range of U Head Jack which can be customized. It is manufactured using premium raw materials and tested rigorously to provide corrosion resistance in U shapes.


Scaffolding adjustable props and spans are used for support at construction sites of buildings and large structures. Aces Group make customized props and spans which are durable.


Base Plate Tubular is used to secure H frames on the ground. We manufacture base plates which have high strength and durability.


Aces Group is a leading supplier of Jack Nut that is used in scaffolding fitting systems. Jack Nuts are made by the finest quality cast iron and are highly durable and water-resistant.


Toe board clips to secure your guard board to upright scaffold tube. Toe board clip can be further tightened by using clout nails.


Universal jack can be used at the top or bottom of the scaffolding supporting system and helps with the adjustment of the structure. We manufacture Universal jack from premium grade raw material.


H- frame and APS scaffolding system comprise of standard H-frame with cross bracing and H- frame with horizontal crossbars which are clamped.


Adjustable U Head Jack is used as a vertical frame base system to support inside of concrete walls and beam slabs by putting steel pipe and plywood on it.


Swivel adjustable base jack can be used at the sloppy ground or uneven grounds for providing support to scaffolding structure and helps with the adjustment of the structure.


Filler Board is used in the scaffolding system which has high tensile strength. Aces Groups’ Filler board comes with a galvanized coating to give durability.


Aluminum formwork system is available for hire and sale at Aces Group. The Aluminum network is a quick, safe and compact scaffolding solution for places which are hard to reach.


Scaffold fitting is designed to join two scaffold tubes which can be used to create a diverse range of scaffolding structures or to be used with modular scaffolding systems.


Heavy formwork system comprises of individual prop sections for higher loads. The props are very flexible in their application and can be used for structural renovation and bridge construction.


Adjustable Base Jack (Hollow) are used during building construction work providing end to end connection to scaffolding structure.


Adjustable Base Jack (Solid) are used during building construction work providing end to end connection to scaffolding structure.


Ladder beam is used to provide a clear span between scaffolds. They are made of high tensile steel and saddle welded at every joint and can fully integrate with existing fittings.

A handrail provides a handhold on a platform or stairway. They need to be secure to provide stability and a continuous guiding path along a stair or platform.


Staircase towers are designed for use as stairs to provide a safe, secure means of access and are ideal for use at the construction site instead of using a ladder.


DH couplers are used to connect scaffold tube at a 90 degree angle. DH coupler. Due to their strength, they are frequently used for heavy loads or where multiple platforms are required to reach several stories high.


Bent plate is used as a fitting clamp to steel scaffold tube. We manufacture base plates which have high strength and durability.

Diagonal braces are used to offer corner to corner diagonal stability to scaffold towers that are cross braced. We offer diagonal braces products that are competent and strong for stabilizing the structure.